Aerial Display Advertising in the United States!

Sydney based Branding By Air makes America look!

The world’s leading aerial display and advertising company, Branding By Air, is branching out into the US market just in time for summer. Sought out by the world’s leading marketing and brand managers for its football‐field sized aerial banners, this airborne form of advertising makes everyone stop and stare.

Branding By Air, whose head office is in Sydney, Australia, is well known for creating eye‐catching, award‐winning aerial campaigns ‐ whether it be its giant banners that dominate the sky or branded parachute displays that amaze the crowd – their aerial advertising mediums cast a massive shadow over their aeroplane banner competitors.

“We’re pumped to be launching Branding By Air in the US and opening our California office”, commented Branding By Air’s Managing Director, Duncan McIntyre.

“BBA specialises in five of the most popular aerial display mediums in the world – our gigantic helicopter banners, skydiving, skywriting, hot air balloons and aerobatics – meaning the US will be seeing a lot more of us, especially as the weather warms up and people head to music festivals, sporting events, beaches and parks.”

BBA made everyone look when they towed their football‐field sized ‘Made You Look’ banner over the 85,000 revellers at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

“People say everything is bigger in the US and now with Branding By Air that’s true. Our helicopter banners are enormous, especially in comparison to plane banners, meaning greater exposure, greater market reach and more bang for your buck,” says Sam Trude, Branding By Air USA Regional Manager.

It also means greater cut‐through and what most companies are looking for in this social media age – talkability.

“Everywhere you look there are thousands of brands fighting for your attention – in magazines, on bus shelters, on billboards. But Branding By Air takes your brand and message and delivers it in a dynamic and innovative fashion in uncluttered and desirable spaces, like the bright blues skies above beaches, cities and sporting events,” continues Trude.

The ability to target relevant people with a tailored message is also an added bonus of the medium, adds McIntyre.

“When you capture someone’s attention by making them look to the skies, you have an excited and engaged participant as they read your message. Let’s face it, whether you’re in the car, at a sporting or music event, at the beach or outside enjoying the weather and a banner the size of a football field flies over your head advertising an icy cold soft drink, you’re going to want to get your hands on that drink!” says McIntyre.

Recent Branding By Air campaigns include NAB’s ‘Break‐Up’ campaign, winner of multiple awards including a 2011 Cannes Lion, Channel 9’s ‘7 O’Block Week Nights’, Creamfields music festivals and Telstra’s 6‐man skydive into Homebush at the V8 Supercars for the launch of their new brand.

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