As Australia’s leading privately owned telco, Exetel wanted to build on their solid customer base, and part of this was a significant rebrand. The brief to Branding By Air was to build a comprehensive flight plan around Australia to build brand awareness utilising our jumbo helicopter banners.

Exetel CEO Richard Purdy is an aviation enthusiast, so he fully appreciates the unique marketing option our helicopter banners provide in being able to target entire towns on mass in one single flight. ‘It really is the most cost effective way to target a rural city, and the results speak for themselves, with significant increases in sales every time we fly.’

Branding By Air continues to execute an extended campaign targeting area’s where the national broadband network is being rolled out around Australia. And we have been instrumental in helping Exetel with sales growth of 15%+ per annum.


Potential Eyeballs (population)
Average Vehicle Traffic
2-3+ 6
Frequency Cities
16 / 2400km
Total Flights / Distance
48 Hours
Est. Flight Time
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