We help brands own the sky. Innovators in aerial media, we work with the world’s best marketers and advertisers to create lasting real-life experiences that resonate with audiences like no other.

Who We Are

Branding By Air is an innovative aerial media, experiential and imagineering firm that is leading the transformation and expansion of the aerial marketing and advertising industries, expanding to offices to North America and Australia.

Committed to cutting-edge creativity and fresh out-of-the-box ideas, Remarkable Media (formerly Branding By Air) was founded on core principles and passion: what we imagine in the sky, we can do. Our team specializes in big and bold – literally – eye-catching creations and crazy theatrical ideas, using the sky as our stage to bring to life the unexpected, creating talkability for brands. Because our promise to brand partners is this: #MadeYouLook and #Wow.

Remarkable Media (formerly Branding By Air) boasts the world’s largest flying helicopter jumbo banners and has developed the technology to project moving images onto helicopter banners at night, creating the world’s largest flying digital video screen. A world first, this cutting edge technology looks to revolutionize aerial marketing, opening up a whole world of new and exciting possibilities for brands looking to make a big impact.

We’ve been around for a while perfecting our techniques too. Founded in 2001, Remarkable Media (formerly Branding By Air) is an established global leader in custom drone activations, custom sky diving stunts, aerobatics, branded blimps, hot air balloons, helicopters, sky writing, aerial film and photography.

We are obsessed with activating the latest technical advances in aviation and digital experiences to push the boundaries of messaging, content and customer experience in the aerial space.

Remarkable Media has attracted the world’s most innovative and creative firms as clients, co-creating and customizing imaginative sky events that create lasting impressions. Our amazing partners include: Nike, Inc., Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Jeep, Hyundai Motor Co., Vodafone Group, Volvo, Toyota Motor Co., Formula 1, Samsung Electronics Co., DHL, Netflix, Inc., Adidas, Virgin Australia, Target Corp., and Qantas Airways.

Serving every major region across the world, Remarkable Media (formerly Branding By Air) signature sky creations are commonly seen at some of the world’s most large-scale outdoor, entertainment, and sports events, such as the US Super Bowl, Video Music Awards, Melbourne Cup, Coachella, Winter Music Festival, and The Sydney 500.

Boasting a 100% safety record in all flights since inception, Remarkable Media (formerly Branding By Air) uses state-of-the-art helicopters and expert pilots to ensure maximum extension in the air. We provide clients with a complete turn-key service, handling all aspects of creation, production, flight operations, FAA approvals, and critical post-flight reports that produce enduring content deliverables backed by successful ROI metrics.



Big and bold is what catches attention and drives engagement in today’s over-populated media world. There is no better way to target an outdoor audience than with one (or two) of our huge helicopter or plane banners, which are some of the largest in the world, spanning the size of a football field.
We can create for you, co-create with you, or take your lead as your imagination leads the way for your brand’s vision and requirements. It’s time to get excited about all of the new ways you can Wow your fans and gather new ones.


We’ve created a technology that will revolutionize aerial media and open up an entire new world of exciting and imaginative possibilities for creative brands that are seeking a new canvas to make a big impact.
We are the only company with the ability to project video onto one of our jaw dropping jumbo-sized banners creating a virtual giant movie screen at night.
Our nighttime video banners are the ultimate solution to take your brand messages to the next level in spectacular fashion.


Your product looks great, but how much more impact would it have reimagined as a giant replica flying through the sky?
We can amplify your brand with a unique visual experience that nobody will forget.
We create cool experiences that have a long runway life. Get excited about the way we will get people talking about your brand and how they share those conversations across social media.

Sky Divers

Nothing creates an impact like your brand flying through the sky attached to a parachute or banner, or underneath one of our professional skydivers.
These aerial activations are perfect for your sponsorship programs and events, catching your audience off guard as your brand flies through the air and makes a grand landing of an entrance at your event.
And it’s not just skydiving displays that turns heads. Our team can create custom product drops and experiences across the globe for even more immersive brand experiences.

Sky Tweets

Skywriting has been around a while now, but we have taken it to the next level with pioneering sky tweets.
It’s shareable content and engagement in the biggest way imaginable, taking offline online to power your brand’s messages.

Eye Ball Tracker

We wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t completely understand that everything we do is designed to have as big of an impact as it looks in the sky. Because we want you to know just how effective our eye-catching aerial advertising solutions are, we have the technology to accurately track audiences, giving you in-depth data reflecting the success of your campaign.
And it’s not just eyeballs that count, our insights team has the ability to track both social and traditional media providing you with comprehensive reporting to track your results.

Custom Stunts

From targeted product drops to custom flights, what we do with our fleet of choppers, planes and other aerial arsenal is only limited by your creativity.
Our creative team works closely with you to design and implement aerial experiences to amplify any type of event.

Branded Aircraft

Feel like branding a helicopter or plane with your logo and message? We can custom fit our fleet with your corporate branding to create moving billboards with unique impact.
From helicopters to planes, there aren’t many things that make a statement like your own customized aircraft.

Aerial Film

Another complementary service to our Eye Ball Tracker is the chance to capture that spectacular moment in the sky and to make it last and last and last. We give you an extended runway of content to share with your clients and audience.
Our team of photographers and videographers capture every single part of your campaign, from dynamic high definition filming to editing and post-production, creating video content to amaze. And our flexibility means we can film at any scale from drones to choppers, utilizing our state of the art studio quality equipment. That’s yours to take, use in future campaigns and marketing and sharing throughout your distribution channels.


If you are looking for impact, look no further than our range of customizable hot air balloons.
From branded balloons, to custom builds in the shape of your choice and custom VIP experiences, we build and fly.


Everyone loves a blimp. It just never gets old and what we can do for you on a blimp can be even more exciting than before. Nothing rivals the experience of a custom blimp.
Our range of mini and full-size blimps can go anywhere and everywhere to create a stir with your brand messaging.




Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Wollongong, Newcastle, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast.

Additional locations available on request.



Canada, US East/West Coasts.

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Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil – Rio de Janeiro, Chile – Santiago, Argentina – Buenos Aires.

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Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah

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England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, Germany, Spain.

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Hong Kong, The Philippines.

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