UBET V8 Supercars

Fresh from a rebrand and ready to dominate the 2015 V8 Supercar series, official betting partner UBET needed to ensure that their sponsorship of the series was being totally maximised. V8 Supercar race weekends are 3 days of adrenaline fuelled racing, with huge crowds enjoying the outdoors and the sunshine at locations all over Australia, and one of the places to amplify UBET’s brand presence was to own the sky!

We partnered with the awesome UBET team and helped them leverage that sponsorship by executing an ongoing multi flight, multi venue Jumbo Banner campaign that guaranteed UBET owned the skies of Darwin, Bathurst and the Gold Coast.

“We took to the sky to make UBET famous. In a category where it’s so cluttered, this was a great way to get some clear space.  The team was very easy to work with and we’d do it again!” Penny Glasson, General Manager Brand, UBET.