Golden Princess Ship Reveal

When Australia’s best aerial photographer, James Morgan, contacted us with a crazy idea, we told him he had called the right company with the like-minded people to execute it – we specialise in crazy ideas!

The challenge put forth? To theatrically reveal and welcome a new cruise ship into the Port of Melbourne using our Jumbo banners as the curtains …. All we could say was, now that is crazy!

So, to celebrate the launch of Princess Cruises latest addition to their fleet, the Golden Princess, we greeted it in the port by flying two massive 20,000 sqft Jumbo banners and revealed it to Melbourne like the opening of a Broadway show. Passengers and the public were treated to an amazing spectacle, a unique experience you don’t see every day. We helped bring to life one of James’s crazy dreams, and we think the amazing photographs speak for themselves.

‘Thank you to the team at Branding By Air for being crazy enough to believe it was possible. The end result was fantastic!’ James Morgan

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