$2 Cornetto Campaign

What is the best way for a brand to launch its newest summer deal? How about by flying Australia’s most iconic ice cream ‘Cornetto’ over the beaches and harbours of Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

We partnered with the team at PHD to execute one goal for their client – to take the $2 Cornetto Campaign to the next level! This hugely successful campaign dominated Out of Home over the summer and Branding By Air provided the final piece of the puzzle by taking the brand to epic new heights and owning the skies with a huge 10,000 sqft Jumbo Banner!

To top it off, we took the team from Unilever in a helicopter joy flight over Sydney to see the banner in action. As we anticipated, they were all blown away at its size and the impact such a massive, colourful banner can make, a great compliment and we are proud to be part of this awesome campaign.


GWR Branding By Air VMAs 2016