Toss your Boss!

Mumbrella team up with Branding by Air for a competition like no other – Toss your Boss!

The competition concept was simple – The staff in the Media industry were given the opportunity to nominate and vote for their Boss to be tossed out of a plane and to plummet down to earth in a tandem skydive – which would be live video streamed to an audience at the Mumbrella 360 Conference!

The lucky winner was Lorraine Jokovic (CEO) from Loud Advertising Agency with a total of 613 votes!

Branding by Air’s technical team used Telstra data at 13,000 ft using brand new broadcast equipment, which was strapped to each of the skydivers as well as the plane. The broadcast was then watched live around the world from Sydney, Australia to New York City!

Watch the video below of Lorraine being tossed out of the plane for Toss your Boss!