NAB wanted to “brake up” with the other major banks.

Disruption was at the core of the campaign, which is where Branding By Air specialises! As part of a 12hr onslaught to the media, we helped them launch the campaign in which they set out to break the perception that the ‘big 4’ banks are all aligned in their approach to the market.

Multiple helicopter banners with the ‘you’re dumped’ messaging flew around the country simultaneously. All content was filmed air to air, with the content then being seeded out online following the initial launch. The shocking aerial footage featured heavily, front and centre on media outlets as they began to report on the campaign.

The campaign went on to become a Cannes Award winner among other prestigious advertising awards – we don’t claim 100% of the success was attributable to us but we certainly played a large role in getting that campaign imagery launched and noticed in the first few hours of rollout.


Potential Eyeballs (population)
Average Vehicle Traffic
2+ 2/28
Frequency Cities / Suburbs
2 / 200km
Total Flights / Distance
6 Hours
Est. Flight Time
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