Throw another steak in the sky (or the barbie!)

Yesterday was International Men’s Day and while there’s quite some controversy about whether men actually need an “International Day”, Canberra was the place in Australia where it originally got some momentum with Phil Gouldson.

So… on IMD the Meat and Livestock Australia thought what better landmark day to use for promoting the “Throw Another STEAK on the Barbie” campaign, in Canberra where it all began!  The campaign (originally constructed by BMF) had already had great success with Merrick Watts suggesting Paul Hogan’s “Shrimp on the Barbie” campaign be remade with him as the headline.

The helicopter banner sailed in from the south past Capital Hill (Parliament House), onto the Canberra Civic CBD and to the surrounding areas of Bruce, Woden and Tuggeranong – a successful start to the Eastern Sea Board campaign.

We look forward to seeing your photos of the banner flying in the month to come, Sydney on the last weekend of November.