Winter Music Conference – Miami Aerial Advertising

Winter Music Conference [WMC], having just had it’s 27th year is one of the biggest music gatherings in the world!  With over 100,000 attendees and music from over 70 countries around world, it makes it a perfect platform for brands looking to get mass exposure to music lovers.

The key demographic (taking up 90% of attendees) is the 22-40 year old bracket which equates to a guaranteed 60-90,000 key demographic targeting every time a one of our flights takes to the skies – now that is ROI!

We’re not just telling you this because we want to take your plane banner aerial advertising spend and run to the hills, Branding By Air actually believes in it so much that we launched our Florida office by flying our own helicopter banner there this year!

Helicopter banners are a proven way to stand out from the crowd in the skies but its certainly not all we can do – if you can dream it up in the sky, we will try to make it a reality.  Our 3D cans and bottles (for beverage companies) and brand new HD video banners are breaking new ground in the aerial space.

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